Fall Photo Workshop October 17, 2016

New Hampshire Fall Color Photographic Workshop

During the course of this workshop participants will learn to use and control a camera, compose great images, learn all the controls on a pro camera, saving images and how to print photos for years to enjoy.


Exposure - Using aperture, shutter speed, ISO controls

Exposure - Control overly bright and/or dark scenes

Controlling - Color temperature using White balance

Depth - How to get great depth of field

Printing Photos - How to print and crop photos

RAW vs JPEG -When and why to use this

HDR - Enhance your Image with HDR

Night Photography - How to take that milky way star image

Print - How to print your best photos

Focus - Outside photography with some classwork.

Gallery Night - Everyone will join together on the last night for Gallery "Show off night" Show off your best photography works fine wine from the WSJ will be served for everyone to enjoy.

Instructor: Scott Proposki

Where: White Mountain National Forest & surrounding areas, North Conway, New Hampshire.

When: October 16 – 18, 2016 Check in Sunday at 10:00am photo workshop starts Monday and Tuesday

Focus: In-field photography, some classwork.

Class Limit: 7

Tuition: $ 695.00

Payment in Full: $ 695.00

Deposit Only: $ $350.00

Accommodations: Reserve your accommodations at The Buttonwood Inn for this workshop. The Inn’s toll free number is: 800-258-2625 and email:

If your don't have a Digital SLR (DSLR) No worries, I will have cameras for everyone to use for the two days!

Cameras will be provided

The workshop is designed for photographers of all skill levels. However, participants should have basic photography experience and must be familiar with the operation of their camera. Participants are also required to have the following:

Digital SLR (DSLR). Participants are required to know the location of controls on their DSLR. (e.g. you’ll need to know where the control for adjusting aperture is, you do not need to know what adjusting aperture does.)

Manual for their DSLR. Participants are required to have read their camera’s manual in its entirety prior to the workshop, and bring the manual to the workshop.

Memory cards. Bring several memory cards for the workshop. In a workshop of this duration it’s possible to shoot upwards of 2,000 images. Participants should therefore bring enough memory cards to store their images. It’s also a good idea to bring a portable hard drive in order to download images from memory cards to free them up for re-use.

Lenses. A “landscape” zoom lens, e.g. a lens, or lenses, with a zoom range from around 12 mm to around 70 mm is preferred. Also, if we see and shoot wildlife, a telephoto zoom lens with at least a 200mm zoom would be greatly beneficial.

Filters – at least one circular polarizer and at least one ND Grad filter (4 stop preferred). – Tripod. You’ll need a good, solid tripod that can support your camera at approximately your eye level when fully extended.

If you don't own any of these items, no worries I will chow you where to but the best gear and I will have camera that day for everyone.

Lodging and Transportation:

Accommodations and meals – The workshop tuition does not include accommodations or meals. Please make your reservations at The Buttonwood Inn for the workshop by calling: 1-800-258-2625. Plan on staying at the Inn Sunday night, October 16th, and departing the Inn Friday morning, October 21st prior to the check out time of 10:30 a.m. We have arranged a special rate for participants. Included in your room rate is a full gourmet breakfast for each night’s stay and a lunch for the days where we do not return to the Inn for classwork. Lunch on the days where we return to the Inn for classwork and dinner each day will be at your own expense. If you are interested in sharing a room with another participant, please let us and/or the Inn know and we might be able to match you up.

Transportation – Participants are responsible for their own transportation. This includes airfare to and from Boston (if you are flying in); travel to and from the Buttonwood Inn in North Conway NH; and daily driving to each photographic site. For this reason, most people will want to either bring their own car, or rent one in Boston. However, we will try to organize carpools between the attendees for our daily driving to the photographic sites we visit.

We will learn slow shutter speed images like this one.

Additional Details:

Home base for this workshop is The Buttonwood Inn on Mt. Surprise in North Conway, New Hampshire. From there we will photograph the White Mountains region of New Hampshire along with portions of both the Great North Woods and Lakes regions. We also may explore and photograph a portion of the White Mountain National Forest extending into Maine.

As with any outdoor activity, participants should be in good physical condition. Please see your doctor prior to signing up for the workshop to ensure that you’re in sufficiently good physical condition to participate in this five day long workshop. Also please note the following and be prepared:

We will be in an autumnal mountain climate. Mornings can be at or below freezing and day time temperatures will be cool, in the low to high 50’s and occasionally into the 60’s. Plan on bringing and wearing several layers of clothing each day. Please be prepared for cold, rain, and snow.

Rain & Snow. It can rain or snow nearly any time in the fall. Please bring appropriate foul weather gear for both yourself and your camera equipment. Please bring a good quality waterproof rain jacket at the minimum. Also in the fall, storms can come upon us in a hurry, so we may need to immediately depart a location where we may be shooting if there is any chance danger whatsoever. Please be prepared.

There is no guarantee of seeing wildlife. Wildlife is just that, wild, and it’s never known if they’ll cooperate and we’ll see them. Please be prepared for any eventuality and consider ourselves lucky if we spot wildlife. If we do see wildlife please note: All wildlife will be viewed FROM A SAFE DISTANCE. Any and all wildlife seen will be treated with the utmost respect and care. We will not approach wildlife, feed wildlife, or encroach on their territory in any way. Wildlife is wild, unpredictable, and should always be treated with EXTREME CAUTION, regardless of how docile they may appear.