About the photographer Scott Proposki

Scott Proposki 

A self-described “explorer,” as a way to broaden and continue his explorations. He developed enough business contacts and acumen to create a well balance business. 

"Scott Proposki, is the founder of Photos In A Minute.com, Scott is a creative innovator that has been at the cutting edge of a number of efforts. He was an early adopter of drone technology, starting CameraInTheSky.com well ahead of the commercially available drone market. Scott was one of the first to create a commercially viable camera array system to catch 'bullet-time' photos of event attendees. 

He has blazed paths in a number of verticals, including pro sports photography clients like the New England Patriots, Boston Celtics and the The White House.  Scott is a worldwide spokesperson for DNP one of the largest photo printing technologies companies in the world.

He regularly travels for his work, allowing him to see cities in the United States and abroad. The launch of his own business fueled Scott to accomplish things that previously seemed unimaginable.

Scott is a lifestyle photographer and entrepreneur, he is passionate about photography and loves to explore the great outdoors. You can view his original framed photography at the Gallery 302, an artists’ cooperative, features the work of artists and artisans working in a wide variety of media. Open daily, Gallery 302 is located in Bridgton, heart of the beautiful Lakes Region area of Maine.

Scott is always free to answer any questions, you can reach him at: scottproposki@gmail.com or visit his online gallery at www.scottslifestyleimages.com